The Professional Products Division distributes its products in salons worldwide. Through its vast array of brands, the division can meet the needs of different hair care salons, for color, shape and styling, shampoos and general hair care needs. A privileged partner of hairdressers, this division offers them products made with the best technologies as well as high-level training, to ensure professional service.

Professional hair colour, haircare and hair styling - L'Oréal Professionnel

The Parisian House of Hairdressing: L'Oréal Professionnel is inspired by Parisian fashion, and state-of-the-art technology. As the premium generalist brand at the forefront of industry technology, L'Oréal Professionnel is the number-one choice and source of inspiration for hairdressers around the world. The brand combines highly effective products with exclusive services in hair colouring, texture, haircare and styling products that are visible in its hair salons, and on global runways alike.

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Professional haircare and hair styling - Kérastase
Kérastase represents the finest in luxury care for hair, setting new standards in professional haircare products distributed through selected salons, where hair is analysed in detail and the whole process becomes a ritual of beauty and well-being.

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Professional hair colour, haircare and hair styling - Redken
Through a unique mix of high fashion, science, and artistic inspiration, Redken brings NYC style and creativity to the global salon community. As the leading brand in the US, Redken is committed to supporting talented hairstylists, and empowering them to ‘learn better, earn better, and live better’ through innovative and scientifically lead products, and an industry leading education platform that strives to create and inspire. The result: artistic excellence, and cutting edge creations that hold a unique place in the professional hair world.

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Professional hair colour, haircare and hair styling - Matrix

Matrix is a one of the leading US professional hair colour and haircare brands in the world, created by American hairdresser Arnie Miller who crafted the unique Matrix product system for hairdressers unlocked by hairdressers. His dream was to find professional products that were uncomplicated but delivered beautiful, predictable results every time. When he couldn’t find them, he decided to create them. The result was a revolution in the salon industry: highest quality hair colour, care and styling products unlocked by hands on education that meant every hairdresser could unlock their creative potential. Today our vision remains true to our founders ideals: to build and unite the largest and best educated global community of hairdressers, fuelled by expressive inspiration, uncomplicated products and services for all. Our unique spirit of inclusiveness supports every and any hairdresser in their creative journey and we are proud to be the most connected brand to its hairdressers through our extensively reaching, expertly trained education network and distribution partners.

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Professional haircare for coloured hair - Pureology
Pureology is a leading industry specialist in caring for colour-treated hair. The brand has gained a devoted and loyal following since its creation in California in 2001 from hairdressers and their clients alike. Pureology has become the authority in treating coloured hair through its highly concentrated ZeroSulfate shampoos, and powerful AntiFadeComplex. Through 100% vegan formulas, and infusions of natural plant extracts, sustainability has always been at the forefront of Pureology’s identity. The brand enjoys huge success in the United States, and is growing to be an industry staple globally.

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Professional haircare - Shu Uemura Art of Hair

Shu Uemura Art of Hair, the pinnacle of Japanese luxury: mirroring the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, the brand offers a beauty ritual for the hair. Built around the philosophy of Mr Shu Uemura and his experience in the field, the company supplies haircare and styling products to the finest of salons, drawing on rare, natural ingredients magnified by science.

Professional natural haircare - Biolage

In 1990, when Arnie Miller saw that nature could be harnessed to protect and nourish hair, he launched Biolage. It was a pioneering salon brand not only using botanical ingredients, but believing in the power of nature for the wellbeing of stylists and clients. The products truly delivered, providing beautiful results while being gentle on hair. Today, Biolage is recognized worldwide as a leader in the professional natural haircare that is commitment to naturality, healthy living and sustainability. Biolage is on a mission to be carbon neutral by 2020 and has already achieved new levels of sustainability in its ingredient sourcing (Nourish is Cradle to Cradle certified) all the way through to the 100% recycled packaging we use. This is what makes Biolage Professional by Nature, Honest by Choice

Professional hair colour - Pulp Riot

From creation, Pulp Riot has been about pushing the creative boundaries of hair colouring, and tearing up the rule book of convention. Created by David and Alexis Thurston in 2016, Pulp Riot has taken the professional hair colour industry by storm from its initial debut in the Butterfly Loft salon in Los Angeles. The brand has gained industry recognition for its cutting-edge products featuring bold and vibrant products which are dedicated to artistic expression. Pulp Riot has been a digital pioneer, creating, inspiring, and educating using social media to create waves in the professional hair colouring industry.

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Professional skincare, essential oils and aromatherapy - Decléor

NATURALLY TRANSFORMING YOUR SKIN. EXPERTLY CRAFTED IN PARIS SINCE 1974. Leaders in Aromatherapy Skincare, we are renowned for our expertise in the science of essential and botanical oils to naturally transform your skin for visible and powerful results.  Trusted by beauty professionals for over 45 years, our prescribed treatments and natural skincare products bring our Professional Parisian heritage to life. Our philosophy, “Skin – Body – Mind” represents a holistic and complete approach to beauty where everything is connected and interwoven, for lasting efficacy.

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Since its founding in 1945, Carita has dedicated itself to providing women professional, customised skincare that transcends the limits of traditional cosmetics. Because each woman’s skin changes over the course of the day, with each new season, and with every mood, Carita has incorporated the concept of the «state of skin» into its method to deliver transformative and bespoke results that provide skin with exactly what it needs at any point in time.

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Grooming and personal care - Baxter of California

Imagined, and created by Baxter Finlay in 1965, Baxter’s of California brings the heart of California lifestyle into the grooming industry. Inspired by the stories and subcultures of LA, Baxter’s have thoughtfully curated a collection of hair, skin, and shaving essentials designed for life, with the mantra Life Lived True. Baxter’s is all about creating superior but simple products; every formula is tried and tested at the Baxter and Finley Barber + Shop in Los Angeles to ensure the best performance products to help you be you.

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