Each year in all L’Oréal subsidiaries, we offer internships in our teams. Our internships are real professional training that will jumpstart your career.

Almost a third of the young graduates we recruit each year are former interns. Our internships are open to students in universities, business and engineering schools from diverse backgrounds and provide the opportunity to acquire substantial initial work experience in one of our areas of expertise: Operations, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Communications, Digital, and Human Resources.
For three to twelve months you become a member of our teams, working on projects and achieving concrete objectives on which you are assessed.
Above expertise or qualifications, we are looking for young, dynamic, enthusiastic and ambitious talent, capable of fully committing to projects, changing enthusiasm into success and creating beauty and excellence. An internship is your best preparation to becoming one of our future business leaders.


Whatever the outcome of your internship you will have benefitted from a unique professional experience before beginning your working life. To facilitate your integration into L'Oréal and your team, with the help of your supervisor, we offer:
  • a L’Oréal Discovery session to better get to know the Group
  • personal development monitoring and coaching throughout your internship
  • a dedicated digital community where you can create your own network and share your experiences
Every country tailors its integration programme to its own needs and culture.


In UK and Ireland, we have up to 100 paid internship positions each year. Apply here