In a world where information sources continue to diversify, the role of communications is more important than ever in ensuring that our brands continue to stand out and that the reputation of the L’Oréal group is protected.

In a constantly changing world, the communications teams at L’Oréal play a crucial role. Their mission is to increase brand and company awareness and to manage and protect our long-term reputation.

Nowadays a brand or company’s reputation accounts for 75% of its value, and persuasion and influence are becoming ever-more central to customer purchasing decisions. The challenge for brands and companies is to stand out from the crowd with an effective communications strategy that keeps its audiences engaged.

With the continued proliferation of information sources and channels, media relations, public relations and special events are now only one aspect of working in communications for L’Oréal. We are now working towards multi-channel strategies (communication 2.0/social media) to reach multiple targets (media, bloggers,  celebrities, consumers, the scientific community, employees, government and other stakeholders). This requires us to use a wide range of communications tools: partnerships, events, sponsorship, media relations, CSR, strategic counsel and public affairs to increase positive awareness of the group and its brands.

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