L’Oréal offers men and women the world over the best beauty products. By joining the Operations team you are part of the front-line industrial and logistics adventure.

Operations develop, manufacture and supply consumers the world over with the group’s branded beauty products. To accomplish their mission they devise the most efficient, responsible solutions and those that are the best suited to the diverse customers and characteristics of L’Oréal’s brands.

Our Operations department currently employs approximately 18,000 people in head offices, factories and distribution centres - almost a third of the group’s employees - and constitutes one of the main pillars of L’Oréal’s performance. The teams are present in 40 plants and 150 logistics sites worldwide. Since 2007 the Operations field has been organised in large geographical zones which promote close collaboration between the Research and Marketing teams and accelerate the marketing of local innovations.

The Operations teams function in a dynamic working environment.Employees enjoy functional and geographical mobility and follow career paths that boast enriching training and varied objectives. They have the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skills and unique expertise, enabling them to achieve their innovation and customer service ambitions.