The L'Oréal Young Scientist Centre is a modern laboratory at the Royal Institution where young people aged 7-18 can explore all aspects of science and technology outside the classroom.

The L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre (LYSC) at the Royal Institution is a long-standing partnership that gives young people the chance to become scientists for the day, showing them just how creative science can be. It offers hands-on, experiential workshops across a range of disciplines – all designed to build students’ confidence, challenge preconceptions, and demonstrate the variety of careers associated with STEM skills.
This programme targets school pupils from seven to sixteen years old with the overarching aim of encouraging this generation to be open minded about scientific education and exploring the possibilities of life in the lab. Since opening in 2008, over 35 000 students have taken part in an LYSC class with school s coming back time-and-again to show young kids just how fun science can be.