L’Oréal is dedicated to research because where beauty is concerned, science is essential for innovation. Its Research and Innovation model enables it to respond to the world's vastly diverse beauty expectations.



For over a century, L'Oréal has built its development on the conviction that only strong research can create cosmetic products that are capable of generating real results. Its Research & Innovation model, unique in the cosmetics industry, is organised around three major entities:

  • Advanced Research: tasked with continuously enriching scientific knowledge about skin and hair around the world, and discovering new active ingredients
  • Applied Research: which develops formulation systems, which are then played out in the different families of products
  • Development: which provides the brands with innovative formulas adapted to their identity and to consumer expectations around the world



To stay ahead of the game and make major cosmetic innovations available to everyone, the group relies on three major assets: a unique collection of proprietary active ingredients, which Advanced Research enriches each year with new elements, molecules, or ingredients; expertise in formulation, the decisive phase that makes it possible to transition from molecule to finished product. Every year, thousands of formulas are developed by the teams at L'Oréal. One final asset is its expertise in evaluation, indispensable for bringing new products to the market by demonstrating their safety and effectiveness scientifically. 



At L'Oréal, innovation has always been nurtured by a constant dialogue between science and marketing. It is founded on precise scientific knowledge of skin and hair around the world, but is also based on attentive listening to consumers on every continent and on the observation of their behaviour where beauty is concerned. A true source of inspiration, the great diversity of beauty rituals opens up new fields of exploration.



By strengthening its global presence through the six regional hubs - Europe, United States, Japan, China, Brazil and India - L'Oréal's Research and Innovation comes closer to its major markets, but also to the wealth of scientific knowledge in each region. The research teams develop strategic partnerships with scientific experts or local start-ups to explore new territories in each of these regions.